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SANIBEL, Florida — December 8, 2016 –   On December 6, 2016, the Sanibel City Council approved the language and process to provide a public referendum vote on March 7, 2017 during the municipal elections that will enable the Sanibel community to decide the future of the proposed Civic and Cultural Core concept.  The CCP opportunity was originally brought forth by the City to the various nonprofit groups in 2014.  The CCP concept is intended to meet the needs and unite the interests of three Sanibel nonprofit service organizations while leveraging costs for much-needed new facilities:  Island Seniors, Inc. (Center 4 Life), Sanibel Community Association and BIG ARTS; and to provide beautiful greens, gardens and gathering spaces for the community.  The unanimous City Council vote to provide the required referendum now enables the volunteer working group to move forward with a robust and comprehensive community information and “listening” campaign intended to increase project awareness and understanding, communicate all the facts available, and gather input from the community. The campaign, which launches next week, will include:

  • Three to four public “town hall” meetings at strategic locations throughout the island convenient to various neighborhoods.
  • Regular (weekly or bi-weekly) press release updates in print and through online news outlets.
  • Immediate posting of all progress “in real time” on the CCP website, which was launched early this past summer:
  • ½ page ads in all print publications with notice of time and date of all town hall meetings.
  • E-mail notices to the respective nonprofits’ members (SCA, Center 4 Life and BIG ARTS) and to the database/membership roster of any other nonprofits wishing to participate.
  • Hardcopy packets and printed materials available at all meetings.
  • Copies of all articles and informational material posted electronically on the CCP website in PDF form which can be downloaded and printed.


The public information campaign throughout December, January, February and the first week in March 2017 continues and intensifies two years of public outreach and ongoing information which included two (2) City Council workshops, approximately 19 press feature articles and releases, and posting of all materials, city workshop presentations and updates on the CCP project website relative to vision, cost, plans, timeline, budget and community benefit.  The volunteer organizers are committed to further supporting and refining the project in concert with City guidance and public input.

The working group and all the volunteers involved with the CCP project are, above all, committed to making sure the concept and its development are by the community and for the community, it is in keeping with the Sanibel Plan and enriches the quality of life on the island. The project volunteer support group encourages anyone interested in working on the campaign, wishing to give input, or wanting to learn more, to please feel free to contact any committee member directly, visit the website at  or send an email to

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Island Seniors, Inc.

Katie Reid (, 239-472-0292
Shirley Shulz (, 239-312-4178

Sanibel Community Association

Tom Sharbaugh (, 239-395-0469)
Richard Johnson (


Ralph Clark (, 239-344-9173)

Chuck Ketteman(, 239-395-9628)